Sunday, December 17, 2006

5 Things

In the spirit of ‘whatever it is?’ I will write about or list, 5 things that most people don’t know about me. This is because I have been ‘tagged,’ which is like the universal game of chase. So it’s my turn. Whilst this could easily be resolved by either a self portrait photograph or my vital statistics, that would seem to be cheating. Since ‘most’ people gives me a very wide scope it’s hard to know where to begin. [translation - one of the advantages of being an ‘unknown.’]

Five things? 5 things? But which five things? Make a start woman! But what? Funny things. Five funny things, depending upon your sense of humor of course.

Number one. If all my children had been born, I would have thirteen. Cancel that, it’s too personal and not funny. Anyway, I'm happy with the four I have.

Number two. I get an inordinate amount of pleasure out of the tiniest insignificant things like a seed sprouting. Cancel that, not funny either.

Number three. I am the only person I know who can wiggle their ears. None of my family can either. Since I wear a lot of dangly ear-rings this contributes to my deafness and distractibility. [is that really a word?]

Number four. I can draw bad cartoons, write silly rhymes and used to be able to play the piano. All these pastimes are banned due to current responsibilities in other quarters.

Number five. I am not afraid of ordinary things like snakes, spiders, creepy crawlies, ghosts or death. However, if you stick anything, a pencil end or a finger in my tummy button hole, I will vomit all over you. It’s involuntary – honest.


Paige Jennifer said...

I think I need you to reside closer for those times I have a spider roaming my residence (insert squealing noise here).

I don't even want to know how you learned that sticking a pencil in your bell button resulted in involuntary vomiting.

Stephanie said...

Really wish I hadn't been eating for that part (involuntary vomiting). Have you ever tried sitting cross-legged (lotus style) to reduce the distractability (and it is most definitely a word in my world).

HomeSchooling Ologist said...

How do you learn to wiggle your ears?

liz said...

My dad can wiggle his ears, his eye-brows, and his tongue all at the same time.

It totally freaks me out.

Carolyn said...

I HATE anybody messing with my belly button.

I won't vomit, but there is some nerve in there that makes me cringe.

Oh and we probably live about an hour and a half to two hours away.

I used to live in your area but we had to move to buy a house. :(

East of Oregon said...

interesting blog - I gave you a shout out on my blog - take care:)

Susan Senator said...

The bellybutton thing -- I can really relate. Bellybuttons used to nauseate me. But now that I belly dance, I have gotten over it, and I even got mine pierced (oops, sorry, didn't mean to make you ill).

Janice said...

I can't wiggle my ears
I can play the piano well sort of I can play right or left hand seperately but not together. I don't like anyone touching my feet.

Cecily said...

my dad can wiggle his ears - which I thought would amaze you, but I see that someone else has a dad who can wiggle his ears. Oh well.

chrisd said...

I had to laugh about the ear thing only because it followed that you're not afraid of spiders.

Not afraid of SPIDERS or BUGS????

Paige Jennifer had you since December, I want you over her in IL in the spring when those 1000 leggers come out--

Pecos Blue said...

I do not want to know either about the pencil. I do not want to try it either.