Sunday, March 18, 2007

Lack of awareness

How come I have 'google alerts' for two items, one of which is any articles on 'Autism' and today is the first day of Autism Awareness Month, and yet the only article that's arrived is one that's nearly a week old? There again, since it is also April Fool’s Day it might have been a mistake to bury us in Autism articles, could be open to mis-interpretation.

I do a little research, check some facts. I discover that April is not only Autism awareness month, but a month, the odd week, and a few days here and there devoted to recognizing a whole host of things, some of which I have never even heard of, and others that I do not understand such as Otolaryngology, which come to think of it, I don’t think I can even say, verbally that is.[?] Are any of these causes as worthy as ‘autism awareness month?’ Hmm. Lets see, which one’s could we get rid of?

National Occupational Therapy Month! Ha! I knew that one. I didn’t know that one last year, but that’s fine because now I’m all ready for it this year, even though I didn’t know it was this particular month. Fair enough. We’ll keep that one, I have a vested interest in that one, although I’d still be interested to find out what ever happened to Speech Therapist month / week / day? Hour perhaps?

Foot Health Awareness month? Can’t get rid of that one either, at least not until after the foot surgery, it would be a little churlish to do otherwise, and I have a couple of friends who are Chiropodists [translation = podiatrists] so I’d feel a little disloyal. Anyway, personally anyone wishing to devote their lives to other people’s feet deserves far greater reward that recognition for a paultry month.

What else? March of Dimes, that’s the Birth Defects Foundation one. It’s a toughy, but it kind of has to stay. It’s hard to deny my bias I know, but the little babies? Can’t deny the little babies. You could say that Autism is a sub category of that in any case. So what are we down to now. There must be something we can get rid of to make a bit more room. Hmm. What about National Infanct Immunization week. Pretty ironic to have it in the same month as Autism awareness, but I mustn’t let thoughts of mercury and Thirmesol, poison my judgment.

Aha! IBS! Know that one? Irritable Bowel Syndrome Awareness Month, now surely that’s something we’d all be happy to be without? There is one current family member, who must remain nameless, [and it isn’t me] who falls neatly into that particular toilet bowl. I can’t allow the sub issue of digestion, food sensitivity and bowel complications of autistic children to cloud the picture. Running out of options here. What about National Volunteer Week, we could ditch that one, afterall it’s not as if they’re paid or anything, they’re not going to go on strike are they, and even if they did, no-one would notice, they’re not part of the financial economy. This is American the most powerfully rich capitalist country in the Western world, who needs volunteers when you can pay a professional to do the job properly, at a price. There again, if they’re doing it all for free, it seems a tad mean to deny them the odd crumb of acknowledgment and perhaps a very small thank you.

A Day to end Sexual Violence. Great. A day! A day? Well if it’s only a day we can scrap that one, it would take a life time to make any impact on that, probably several. There again, if it’s going to take several life times, the sooner they get started with their first ‘day’ then so much the better for all of us.

There are a lot of other ones too, months, weeks and days, to note important things, other important things. You can check the web site, month by month, just like an ordinary calendar, just so that you have the opportunity to dwell upon just how much misery there is swilling about out there unchecked.

I think I should contact Hallmark, as they seem to have missed a whole realm of opportunities for commercialism and profit. I can’t wait to make my fortune designing cards for National Facial Protection Month with a special mention for Oral and Maxillofacial surgeons, especially after my own "jaw surgery."


Awesome Mom said...

Well at least you get a whole month. Heart defects only get a piddly day and we have to share that with Valentine's Day so no one even really notices since they are too busy stuffing their faces with candy.

mcewen said...

It is quite disturbing - I heard on the radio [NPR] that 'causes' acquire their audience based largely upon $$$ and that it helps to have a 'celebrity' who'll come 'out' on the issue.
But there are just so many.......