Sunday, December 16, 2007

And may your god go with you

My Dad is a bit of stick in the mud. He was raised in the faith of the Church of England which is effectively Protestant. He married a Roman Catholic, an Irish one to boot. Part of their marriage ceremony required him to bring up his children in the Catholic faith.

My Dad protested. He bargained with his soul and ours. They settled. He promised to 'try' to bring us up in the faith.

His main objection to Catholicism was the requirement that followers of the faith should not question, but accept the dicta.

He was very fond of comedians and music. Dave Allen was one of his favourites, as was Tom Lehrer. I cannot be sure, but I often suspect that this was one little way of chipping away at the dogma that his children struggled with. His 'belief' was that if there was a god, regardless of what hybrid variety, that the man, and he was of course a man, he had the best sense of humour of all of us. I'm inclined to believe him, although we all know that she is a woman.

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riseoutofme said...

ABSOLUTELY love both these comedians! Must be the irreverent Irish blood in my veins!

The Glasers said...

Tom Lehrer cracks me up! I have one of his song books because the lyrics just cracked me up. Some of my buddies in college introduced me to his . . . uh . . . music.