Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Dinner Party

“So here’s the deal. If you want me to cook for these people, then you’re in charge of booze, cheese and children.”

“AND children?”


“Hmm I’d better buy some candy when I buy the cheese then.”


“For the children.”


“Anyway, we’ve got 48 hours so that should be o.k.”
“So lets see if I have this straight?”
“You’ve asked three of your American work mates…”
“and their wives…”
“American wives!”
“to dinner on Saturday night.”
“So do you want to fancy or plain?”
“Do I have a different choice?”
“What I mean is, do you want to impress them?”
“O.k. do you want chip butties followed by stuffed hearts, followed by battered deep fried Mars bars, or do you want a menu that includes the words couli, clarified butter and blanched?”
“Ooo definitely not blanched. I want them to enjoy themselves not be scared witless. I wonder if any of them are vegetables?”
“Ooo good point. You’d better check. Also check for special diets and allergies and what nots.”
“Yes…..especially if some of them are hybrids.”
“You know, vegetarians that eat fish and vegetarians that eat chicken.”
“Oh, quite.”
“Maybe we should stick with something traditional?”
“Good idea, piece of cake! Chicken Tikka Masala it is then!”

And in my "other life."


The Anti-Wife said...

Sounds yummy. Can I come too?

Hammer said...

I just make several side dishes and let people pick what they want. Everyone I know has food issues of some sort.

Linda said...

It's all Greek to me that's for sure! Heck, I barely know what the words "Dinner Party" mean anymore!

Mr. Bloggerific Himself said...

*pssst, Chinese carry out and be done with it*

Almost American said...

Chicken tikka - the national dish :-)

I usually cheat when I cook Indian food, using Patak's sauces, though I've got some Madhur Jaffrey recipes I really like.

Angela said...

Mmmmm.... I wish we were neighbors! LOL