Friday, September 5, 2008


I rush around in the usual manner working backwards so that I shall be ready.

As soon as they have gone to school I have a punishing schedule of catch up, to commence with the slug campaign which has reached a stage of urgency. Unless I can begin to eradicate the infestation immediately, I shall be left with a sprinkler system and bare flower beds. The voracious little pests are doomed. I have already considered the green option, beer traps. A recycling choice for the truly keen. One of the main advantages of beer traps is that they function like a pre-marinade. All you need is a little parsley, pepper and garlic butter.

However, in the early morning the Mosquitoes are out in force. Several gallons of abhorrent insect repellant is an essential pre-requisite, unless I wish to become someone else’s breakfast. Once I am completed, slicked, I dive into the 40 minute morning routine with the children, a marathon in preparation for readiness for school.

As we finish off the final touches to hair and shoe laces, we reach the finale of good byes. I am touched by a rare opportunity of a kiss. When his lips meet my Deet, he is promptly "done for."

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Trixie said...

A beer trap?

If it's got lager in it, you'll trap me!