Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Glut of Starving Brains

“Hello there! Mmm something smells good. My you have been busy!”
“Oh hello dear! I wasn’t expecting you home for dinn…….well home really.”
“Let me give you a hand with the washing up.”
“You look……flustered?”
“Er….. I am a bit. I’ve been cooking…..”
“I can see!”
“But now I have to work out a menu for the week. I really should have done that first.”
“No matter, there’s enough here to feed plague victims for a month.”
“Plague? Um …..…..but none of it goes together.”
“How come?”
“Well we had a tonne of tomatoes, pounds of cheese, onions by the sackload and a bushel of Basil.”
“Mmm my favourite.”
“Indeed, but I sort of put them all together in different combinations.”
“Cheese and onion pasties, chicken, cheese, onion and basil roulade, cheese, tomato and onion salad, chicken, Basil and tomato pie, cheese, onion and tomato quiche……”
“O.k. I get the picture. It all sounds yummy.”
“Hmmm…..but we’ll effectively be eating the same thing over and over again. We need more variety and balance.”
“This from the woman who goes to a restaurant, orders bouillabaisse to start, kippers for a main course and fish cakes to follow.”


Robin said...

I have just developed an instantaneous and completely overwhelming craving for cheese and onion pasties!

Anonymous said...

Basil and tomato pizza. Yum.

Shellie said...

The pasties look like empanadas, mmmmm! I love those ingredients.

Whitenoise said...

I'm just admiring the fact that you cook all the time. Don't most of us North Americans just microwave boxes o' stuff?

Linda said...

Wow! That alls sounds delicious even if it all does sound the same to you! What time is dinner and don't forget I have to adjust for time changes from the East Coast to the West!