Monday, December 29, 2008

A son’s a son til he gets a wife……….

But that is part of the delight of children, part time rental whilst fledgling and then free fall when they flock off elsewhere to nest.

Oh the joy of having both girls and boys.

Hence, when I return home from a quick emergency food shopping trip, I am immediately accosted by the back gate and it’s freshly screwed in safety catch. I swing the door open a few times to admire it’s magnificence as it clunks gently into position, locked, safe and with just enough spring to avoid finger damage.

Just next to it, I find that the compost heap has been turned over and neatly closed, a job only for the muscle bound and me.

In the garage I find the whole place has been overhauled, tidied, rearranged and labeled. The toilet plunger dries on an old newspaper, an indication that it has been used, for once, for it’s rightful purpose.

Inside I reach for paper towel, so overwhelmed with the diligence during my absence, and what do I find? Some gentle considerate soul has mounted the paper towel dispenser, that’s been hanging around on the ‘to do’ list for the last 5 years.

In the bathroom the toilet is free from blockage and I detect a hint of Clorox bleach, an indication of a thoroughly efficient job, well done.

Some might believe that I pinned a ‘chores’ list in a prominent position when I left, but I can assure you that all these tasks were unprompted, because as we all know……………. a daughter’s a daughter the rest of her life.

Of course it may take another five years for some other people to adjust to such "change."


crunchycarpets said...

LOL...I too am one of the well trained adult children...but I do love to move stuff around ..the knick knacks...just a see if she notices.

When I still lived with mom she used to clean up behind me because I didn't put things in the right place.

Now mom..bless her...
can't come into MY house without washing the dishes.

I do hope that MY daughter gets over her 'we are all her slaves' tude and becomes a golden adult daughter.

Alison said...

I am another expat Brit. Just wanted you to know I'd stopped by.