Saturday, December 27, 2008

Spud U Like

“What’s up mother?”
“You look perplexed, or rather buried in cookery books.”
“Yes I’m trying to think of something exciting to do with "potatoes?”
“Is there anything exciting about potatoes?”
“I lack inspiration.”
“Well let’s have something else instead?”
“We can’t. We have 30 lbs of potatoes in the garage after the "shopping debacle." I calculate we need to eat about 3 lbs a day for 10 days so that they don’t all go bad.”
“The opposite of the potato famine.”
“Indeed. Mono diets are so dull.”
“Oh I don’t know. I’m happy with a baked potato every day.”
“Not everyone is quite so happy.”
“Just don’t cave in and give them chips every day.”
“Hmmmmm can you give me 10 different recipes for potatoes just off the top of your head?”
“Mashed, fried, baked, plain boiled,……chips……er……?”
“That’s only five and two of them are the same effectively.”
“Just rotate those four then.”
“It’s all about expectations and presentation.”
“You’re kidding. What happened to flavour?”
“Flavour is irrelevant if it never hits the taste buds.”
“Dino shaped potatoes? Star cut outs?”

“Now you’re talking. I was toying with Dauphinoise? Whether that might tempt them?”
“Dopey what?”
“Ooo I know! How about Duchesse!”
“We’re American now mother, we can’t stoop to such ancient monarchical depths.”
“You will never know my maniacal depths when it comes to food deception.”


Anonymous said...

I recently found a very nice potato soup recipe that, get this, my husband actually likes. It has chorizo sausage and jalapenos in it. E me if you want me to send it to you.

buffalodick said...

I won 2nd place in the State of Michigan BB-Q Cook-off, with a twice baked potato, with cheddar cheese, bacon, chive, and sour cream recipe... interested?

Maddy said...

Ooo yes please.

I have chorizo in the fridge but I've forgotten what I bought it for!


I love potatoes and cheese and bacon and chives and sour cream is about the yummiest ingredient on the planet. [especially on pecan pie] Only 2nd place? You wuz robbed!


Marita said...

I got a comment on my blog asking me to post my fried potato cake recipe at this site -

Full of yummy potato recipes.

For me I just grate a bit of potato, mix it with milk and egg and fry - like a pancake. Heidi even eats hers with maple syrup.

Almost American said...

I love potatoes dauphinoise! I put thinly sliced onions in with them. Haven't made them in a long time because DH has a lower fat (no milk/cream/cheese) potato recipe that he does in the microwave. You need Yukon gold potatoes though. Slice, and interleave with very thinly sliced onion, and put each potato with onion in a ramekin. Add a little chicken stock and drizzle olive oil over the potato. Sprinkle some herbs on it. Cover with plastic wrap and nuke till done. (Used to drive my FIL nuts with that one because he always wanted to know exactly how long to cook them. Well, till they're done! We had a microwave that had a button that said 'baked potatoes' we pushed that button and then added 1 more minute after it said they were done.)

My grandma used to like mashed potatoes with carrots mashed into them.

Linda said...

I love potatoes no matter what shape or form they come in!

My grandfather used to make scalloped potatoes on Sundays and sometimes he would throw in leftover ham or even hot dogs if there was no ham available. One of the tastiest things I remember from my childhood!