Monday, April 27, 2009

Cake Design for Foreigners

In a previous life time I used to make cakes. Predominantly Devil's Food Cakes with Chocolate Ganache, decorated with sugarpaste [ rolled fondant], flower paste [that's sugar too] and pastillage. These were a 'few' of my first attempts.

Wheelbarrow and pumpkins

Christening cake

Knapsack for the world traveler

White Ice Church

Halloween pumpkin, fall leaves and scary ghostly skeleton

Rubber duckies and pond life

A peramulator

God Bless Her [not necessarily the Queen]

Three little monsters.

Rose petals and crib

Lacy crib

Lacy bootees for a boy or a girl, hands and feet motifs

Smocking box and bottees

Chocolate box cake topped with real truffles


Easter basket, bunny and eggs


Going and away and packing boxes

Yes today I figured out how to use the scanner and scan in a few of my old photographs. I feel like I've finally conquered technology.

No you cannot send me to "Cake Wrecks" because I am not commercial!

But "life" has taken over in more ways than "one," although I wish I were a better "photographer."

Now I make "Pots."


Scribbit said...

Okay you're officially and completely amazing.

There's a reason I stick to cakes like scorpions. I figure they're meant to terrify so my cake efforts just add to the overall effect :)

stan said...

very creative cakes.

Robin said...

Those are amazing Maddy! I especially love the world traveler cake! I can do a bit of 2D design with fondant, but sculpting and anything 3D is utterly beyond me.

Anonymous said...

WOW! Do they taste as good as they look? Cuz they look fantastic!

Marita said...

They look amazing Maddy. If reading Cake Wrecks has taught me anything it is how amazingly hard it is to make great cakes and decorations.

I am super impressed. The lace work in particular looks very difficult.

Tamsyn said...

These are amazing and way to nice to be on Cake Wrecks!!

Anonymous said...

My eyebrows are officially stuck in the, "HOLY CROW!" position. Ace of Cakes has nothin' on you!

furiousBall said...

WOW! Maddy these are amazing!

Anonymous said...

That scanning-thing is very useful, eh?

I guess you wanted the fiesta suggestions over at w-o-a?


Stacy said...

Those are just amazing! I am awed by all that lace work. Truly beautiful!

We always watch those cake competitions on the Food Network. They are so beautiful. The kids in particular love seeing them make cakes. :)

Anonymous said...

Very cute cakes. You are amazing, as everybody else said. Very cool.

graceunderautism said...

I love it when you post pics of your cakes. AMAZING!!!

To kill two birds with one comment...on your delima about fiesta cakes...what about sombreros with maracas?

Or now that I have seen some of your awesome sculpting...what about a buffet of fiesta food...Tacos, nachos, etc.

Melissa said...

Holy moly these are GORGEOUS! I once took a Wilton class because I have always wanted to learn to decorate cakes. I'm a Wilton drop out though.

You are so incredibly talented. :)

Anne said...

Lausy, Woman. I think I just gained 5 more pounds.

Anne said...

I still can't believe how superfantastic these are!

Childlife said...

Absolutely brilliant, Maddy! Love the carousel especially ;)

alejna said...

I am terribly impressed! The most I manage is throwing some candies on top of frosted cupcakes.