Thursday, May 14, 2009

Fantasy Fiesta after the siesta


The Rule of Three

It’s very simple and is as applicable to pottery as it is to cake decorations:- always make three and one might turn out o.k.

It’s stands to reason when you work with sugar, have three children and two diabetics in the house:- obviously one or more will be eaten prior to completion.

The second one will be damaged or broken beyond repair.

This leaves you with one and only one after many, many attempts.

Unless you’re extra lucky of course.

Yes I know! I also need help in the "how to use a camera properly" but that's for another "campaign."

I’d offer to send you the spares but I doubt if they travel well as evidenced by "cake wrecks."


Anonymous said...

You're amazing. What occasion were these for? I'd be willing to risk a cake wreck! ;) And, thanks for that link too...I've been having fun over at "cake wrecks" for hours now ;)

Almost American said...

Don't apologize for your photography skills - the photos were great! I wish I had half the talents you do!

Linda said...

Ay carumba! Those are gorgeous and I'd have to say that your photographic skills are just fine!

DJ Kirkby said...

You made all these cakes? WOW!

Carver said...

What fun. This is so creative and well done.

Lori said...

What beautiful crafts!! Thanks for stopping by my blog:)