Monday, April 23, 2012

Clues that's you're short-sighted and semi-senile

After a long walk in the park with the dog.

Wife:  "What's that?"
Husband:  "What?"
"That thing on the floor."
"Just there.  See?"
"Is it a coffee bean?"
"Or is it some kind of bug?"
"I think it's moving.  It's got legs."
"Can't be a bean then, must be a bug."
"I've never seen an insect like that before.  Have you?"
"Nope.  Must be some kind of rare Californian thing."
"Give it freedom or death?"
"Do you think it bites?"
"It looks pretty harmless, big and fat and round.  Eeow!  You didn't have to squash it like that.  Poor little insect.  Is that blood?"
"Yuck, it must be a tick."
"Poor darned dog."

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