Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Purpose of blogging?

Well there's an absolute corker! [translation = good question]
"But what about the answer!" you cry whilst hurling expletives at me.
I have a few suggestions.

1. A platform from which to pontificate?
That has to be number one, there's a lot of that going about.

2. It serves the same purpose as a diary, "whatever that means" for the individual, be that personal record, data collection or out-pourings of the heart.

Sounds about right. I wonder what percentage that would be? But we don't want to get bogged down with "damned lies and statistics!"

3. A way to keep in touch with pals and family that you don't physically see that frequently, for a variety of different reasons.
Works well for international and geographic distances. Not so hot for a generation that can't even cope with an electric typewriter.

4. "Make money?"
The majority, or the majority of the big ones. Business promotion in all it's many forms. Good luck to them. Especially if they can right in a manner that "technophobes" can understand.

5. "News!" Either subversive or alternative, sometimes the truth?
They get my vote, if only there was more time to read.

6. For a discrete, "one off purpose" that helps other people.
Now that's a worthwhile effort.

6. "Therapy?"
Whilst closely related to 2 above, there is a slight distinction.

But every so often, when your site meter tells you that someone has been reading your "blog" for an hour and a half, it can be a sobering experience. Does someone who reads about "autism" have a personal connection or are they merely curious, a little dalliance? Now that is an experience that chills the brain. Did they leave depressed, or perhaps they couldn't help but feel hopeful? Did they laugh? No tears I hope?

There again perhaps they just fell "asleep" at their computer with "exhaustion!"

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isabella mori said...

hey, and thanks for using my blog as an example. is my blog only there for helping others? no, of course not. all therapists i know like to hear themselves talk - we're like teachers that way - and a blog serves that purpose quite well. maybe quells the need to yak too much DURING therapy :)