Sunday, September 16, 2007

Kicking and Screaming Awards

"Absolutely Bananas" has a fabulous [just what I was looking for] widgety award.

There just take a minute to admire it in it's full beautiful perfection.

For blogs that rock your world. Hard.

I am far to much of a dullard to make such a thing, but I've been hunting for this for a wee while now. There are a few blogs that I visit every day. They deserve awards, but these blogs don't fit the criteria of the more commonly viewed and awarded awards. They're not pink, nor fluffy or twinkly. They're often rude, or might be considered rude by some people. They're Irreverent, thought provoking and provocative. They're not everyone's cup of tea [or coffee for that matter] but I guarantee that you'll have a reaction.

"Absolutely Bananas"
kindly granted me permission to steal the widget and dole it out as I saw fit, without any other restrictions, how trusting is that!

Hence, it is my pleasure to bestow the aforementioned award on -

1. "Steve's Nude Memphis"

2. "Hammer"

3. "Queen"

Please go forth and multiple.


meno said...

I love irreverent, thought provoking, rude and provocative.

Much more fun than pink and fluffy.

Hammer said...

Thank you! I appreciate it very much.

I'll post it in the morning.

Memphis Steve said...

Thank you! Thank you! I swear I came by here and left a comment, but now I can't find it. I swear I'd lose my own head if it weren't held on with titanium screws.