Friday, February 8, 2008

6 & 7 meme

"Chased by children" has a new meme up that caught my eye over here, "Chased by Children"

Clearly she is a skilled blogger as I was unable to download the number 6 from the flickr account = F for bloggy skills for me!

Fortunately, inbetween whiles, "Schmutzie" from "Milkmoney or not Here I come" has also tagged me with 7 [my favourite number!] weird or random facts, so I'm stepping up to the challenge of combining the two.

This is ideal because we're always at sixes and sevens around here anyway = a Brit term that means you're in a muddle.

The rules for this meme are:
(1) Link to the person that tagged you.
(2) List the rules on your blog.
(3) Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself.
(4) Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs.
(5) Let each random person know they have been tagged.

1. I ensure that my kitchen is on stand by mode when I go to bed. This means that when I leave my bed, in the morning, however early that might be, it's ready to go and I can function on automatic pilot.

2. I save energy and preserve my relationship with Mother Nature by moving around the house in the dark. I have the band aids to prove it.

3. I can wiggle my ears. No-one else in my family can do this.

4. I had only one child for a very long time, but when I was a child myself I always thought that I would have four. I suspect that's a kind of self fulfilling prophecy.

5. I am the only person I know who has eaten a stuffed heart. [not recommended]

6. Although my French is poor, we both knew what tete a veau was when it arrived on a plate.

7. I am allergic to metal, or possibly nickel? The fixings of ear-rings, the stabby bit on watch straps, the back of the fastening on jeans. It turns up all over the place just to be annoying.

I shall tag the next 7 e-mails as that's about as random as I can manage, which I hope is fair, but not Mr. Spam, or should that be Mrs. Spam?

Nope that's not going to work as Barnes and Noble aren't going to play along, nor is the Library nor Calyx flowers!

I'm waiting, hurry up! I need to sort out my 'junk' email folder. Where is everyone? Does anyone know how to kill

Aha! There we go, patience is it's own reward.

Firstly to "Karen" from "Art in the Garage." Get out of the garage Karen! If only so that I can move in. Karen is a great sharer and one of those scary arty types, you know the ones who are creative and make the rest of us look like rocks in the garden.

Next to "Judith" over at "Community Parents." Judith and I are both allergic to shopping. We plan to commence a campaign shortly to ban shopping completely, the barter system will reign supreme. I will swap you one home made, hand knitted sock for half a potato. 'Swap' means 'trade.'

Then to "Meno" from "Meno's blog." What can I say about this stinky lady? Oops, I meant fruity, honest! Her posts are irregular which means she's forced me to put her blog on my google reader [ a fate worse than death to be sure] If you haven't visited before, then I'd recommend this post called "good eatin" which probably means 'eating' and is just a typographical error.

I'm still awaiting confirmation that 'hamburger' translates into 'mince.'

Another place that might need translating would be "Joker the Lurcher" over at "The Musings of a Lurcher." Firstly, do not muddle 'lurcher,' a fine breed of hound, with 'lurker.' Secondly, the hound speaks for the blog and gives us a dog's eye view of family life. Perfect for puppy lovers everywhere.

Next to "Jocelyn" over at "O Mighty Crisis."

She has a fabulous writing style and wonderful wry sense of humour. If by some strange chance you haven't visited before, then I would recommend this as a good starting spot, called "Three," where you can see some flowing creative juices.

So where am I now. Oh yes, that's five.

Number six would be "Vi" over at "Are you Local." Vi has recently shattered my illusion of her. Somehow the name 'Vi' conjures up someone of similar stature as Tinkerbell, small, very small. If you're a newbie to her blog then I would suggest that you start here at her post titled "Shrove Tuesday at Jasmines."

Number seven would be "Aspiemum" over at "A Parent Spectrum Disorder."

This multi-talented pal is also a great cook, so I would recommend that you start here at her post titled "Spicy and Sweet." I've already tried it and it's great!

See why it's good to comment!
Cheers Dearies

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Almost American said...

I'm allergic to nickel too. I once ordered a nickel testing kit from a company in California, tested all my jewelry with it, and gave away all the stuff that tested positive. Even gold jewelry can have enough nickel in it for me to react to :-(

My grandmother reacted badly to nickel too. My mother never believed her and said she only developed the sensitivity after she moved to live in South Africa - that it was an excuse to get her second husband to buy her expensive jewelry!

I discovered I had it when I had my ears pierced at age 13 and ended up with raw skin halfway down my neck - who knew that there are different grades of surgical stainless steel and some contain nickel?! My kids and DH have discovered that they do NOT have to buy me expensive jewelry - they have bought me some very pretty earrings from Walmart's nickel-free collection. Buying watches is more a case of trial and error though.