Friday, February 8, 2008

Theft by stealth

I think I may have to rename my blog = meme thief. I pinched this from "Utah Mommy" over at "Mommy's Gibble Gables" She did grant permission for people to nick it, so I don't feel too badly.

Start with the first letter of my name, which in my case would be M.

1. Famous Singer: Maria Callas

Maria Callas

2. Four Letter Word: monk [is it supposed to be a swear word?]

3. Street: Mutley Plain [it really does exist]


4. Color: Maroon

maroon no name

5. Gifts/Presents: mud in the form of clay [this is more difficult than I thought!]

6. Vehicles: any car that's Maroon

old car

7. Things In A Souvenir Shop: what do they sell again?

8. Boy Name: Max

9. Girl Name: Manchester [United!] Not that very different from Chelsea!

10. Movie Title: My Fair Lady

11. Drink: Magarita

12. Occupation: murderer [of the ax variety]

13. Celebrity: Mel Brooks

14. Magazine: Mad Magazine

16. Pro Sports: Mud wrestling

17. Fruit: moon fruit a hybrid of star fruit

18. Something You Throw Away: many, messy, mucky things that can't be recycled.

19. Something You Shout: Mummmmmmmm

20. Reason for being late for work: no-one lets me hide in bed very long, one of the disadvantages of working from home perhaps.


Robin said...

Love the Mutley reference. Anyone who can work Dastardly and Mutley into a post is okay in my book :-).

Linda said...

At least you're stealing things that are interesting and enjoyable to read!

buffalodickdy said...

Mud wrestling, eh?