Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday 13

I’ve pinched this from "Mozi Esme" – thank you!

Here’s how it works – Google your name followed with a verb like “needs." Copy the first few results and add your own commentary.

So here are our Thursday Thirteen for me:

1. Maddy needs fill it out please?

I'll need some instructions first

2. Maddy needs some privacy pictures from friends and fun photos.

What is a privacy picture? Don't like the sound of that one little bit.

3. Maddy needs to come home.

England is evil!

4. Maddy, you need to learn how to use a cell phone.

How true how true.

5. Maddy needs Love.

Yeah, just like everybody else.

6. Maddy needs you.

Maybe, depends who you are?

7. It's not our optimism that Maddy needs now, but our ruthlessness.

A real life story of true misery.

8. Maddy catch that kid.

Why do you think I'm such a fast runner?

9. Although she has been away from home for fifteen years, Maddy needs work as an accountant.

Um......I think I'd rather crawl under a rock than have to count anything more than seven. How did they know I'd been away for 15 years?

10. Double happiness: visiting the doctor[s]

Interesting blog about adoption from China and all ends well.

11. Dear Maddy,. My wife and I are thinking about buying pre-need funerals and burial plots.

I am ill equipped to advise, but just for the record, put me in my compost heap.

12. Maddy needs alot of attention!!!!He is not for a family or a single person who is never around or who works an 8 hour day ...

Um.......I didn't know I had a boy's name!

13. i just glanced over and Maddy is stretched out on the floor in front of the air conditioning unit. it’s a little too tall for her to be directly in the path of it’s air flow, but she knows a cool spot when she finds one. her fur has been coming out in large matted tufts and she has a new microchip implanted near her left shoulder, but she’s the same dog i shipped to Saskatchewan six weeks ago.

Please send care package - woof!

So there you have it! That was fun! Now you try it!

1 comment:

Susan said...

Hmm - interesting. I tried it an half the results I got for 'Susan needs' were other people's blogs where they were playing the same game!

Other than those, I got some interesting ones:
* Susan needs all your love and money
*Susan needs to understand that she needs to be building up her language production
* Susan needs a place to live
* Susan's sex support site - Help for teens and adults especially those with disabilities to acquire sexuality knowledge.
* Susan needs adsvice [sic] & comments.
* Susan needs friends