Sunday, July 20, 2008

Not so Mellow Mrs. Potato Head

“Ooo dear, that was a mistake.”
“Yellow crooked neck squash and Yellow Bell Peppers in one barbeque.”
“Really. Why? Too much veg?”
“Hardly, I’ve made potato salad and green salad too.”
“That’s way to much green stuff!”
“You need to eat more vegetables AND salad.”
“Hmm, maybe we could just skip a couple of the greeny ones? Just stick with the peppers and squash?”
“But they’re yellow!”
“You’ve got something against yellow?”
“No, it’s just that they’re BOTH yellow.”
“Two the same is wrong?”
“Yes, when it comes to food, the colours are supposed to complement one another.”
“First I’ve ever heard of it. What’s this over here?”
“Corn on the cob, soaking. Rats! They're yellow too.”
“The potato salad smells good. I love Yukon Gold.”
“What’s it going with?”
“Hawaiian pork.”
“Darn it! Where is my brain today, absolute mush.”
"Fiddle de dee!"
"Why don't you just swear, you'll feel so much better?"


farmwifetwo said...

You and Dh would get along perfectly.

I bought one of those mini-tuna containers, lemon and pepper seasoned. Cut up some cheddar, a few crackers and had a lovely Sun afternoon snack.

DH "You're eating fish?? We're having Perch for supper."

And I care??????...... YUM!!!!


Whitenoise said...

Hey, yellow is a happy colour. Gotta think about your mental health too, y'know... ;-)

Almost American said...

The squash looked like it had been marinaded in something . . . what?

Hammer said...

Lots of good yellow foods there.

My son went on a blue food kick one time.

That was pretty annoying.

Angela said...

Lots of yellow...but they all sound delicious! My husband would have a problem with there being more veggies than meat...

lu said...

yum--just call it your mono-chromatic phase--Like Picasso'