Friday, August 8, 2008

Completely off her trolly

I nip out of Lucky’s and pack the boot to busting, zip over to park my trolly in the designated duty area and whiz back to the car. As I open to door to fling in my handbag, I hear mutterings and look around for spare people. A spare person is staring at me with a set, not to say displeased expression, “hello?” I offer tentatively.
“Would it kill yah?”
“Um…….I beg your pardon?”
“I’m jus saying, would it kill yah?”
“Um….I’m not quite sure……..”
“The cart!” she snaps.
“The cart?”
“Yeah, right there, next to yah!”
“This one?”
“Actually this one isn’t mine, I’ve already…….”
She looks at me with a withering glare as she sees into my blackened soul. “Right, I’ll just take this one back too shall I?” I don’t wait for an answer and leg it as there’s road rage and catastrophic carts these days. Very UNlucky for some.

I may have to go over to the dark side, Safeway.

Can anyone vouch for the personages who patronize their parking places?


Hammer said...

Maybe she would have liked the cart parked where the sun refuses to shine... I'm just sayin.

Linda said...

How rude to assume that it was your cart just because it was near your car.

You're much nicer than I am; I certainly would have told her where to park the trolley in no uncertain terms! Kinda like Hammer!

Whitenoise said...

Another vote for a North American response. Yer too nice, Maddy!