Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Tuning in

It sounds like criticism:-

1. Have you not made the bread yet?
2. When are you going to the shops?
3. Can you choose a book for me to read please?
4. Where are all their clothes?
5. That tastes a bit burnt. Did you burnt it?
6. Can you turn on the BBC for me please.
7. When do you take them to therapy today?
8. Have you picked any tomatoes?
9. What are we doing today?
10. Which one has vision therapy?
11. Why isn’t the coffee machine working?
12. Do you think it’s doing any good, all this expensive therapy?
13. Why are you doing that?
14. What time is it now?
15. Can you find me a needle and thread then I’ll fix this for you?
16. Why don’t you iron?
17. Do you know where my glasses are?
18. When is he coming home?
19. Can I have something to eat please?
20. Have I seen him today? When did I last see him?

And then I remember and slip into the groove, the pattern, the interest and concern. Now all I have to do is to keep remembering because the relationships we have with our Mother's in Law, whilst not free of baggage, have all kinds of possibilities.


The Anti-Wife said...

And always remember that some of those possibilities can lead to time in jail!

Osh said...

...and she loves all the variety of your children!