Monday, September 29, 2008

Ruby Tuesday and Cats on Tuesday

To quote from "Mary the Teach":-

"Hi, everyone, today we're going to try to post Just A LITTLE RED in our Ruby Tuesday post. Of course you don't have to post just a little red you can post the red you have or all the RED you want!"

Some finishing touches to the "decor!" They're just little votive holders and a plastic mint box from Lucky's, but she's quite delighted.

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That wasn't our only 'spring clean' task. He's been on the list for a while now after that tussle with a bag of flour. Fortunately I had a change of heart. In between whiles I altered the sprinkler timer so that I could garden more effectively, but I didn't mention it to anyone.

Next time I think he'd appreciate a warning, preferably in advance!

Cheers dears


Whitenoise said...

haha... great photo of the cat...

Linda said...

Now that is one angry looking kitty-cat!

Jayne said...

Just wait till you least expect it and there he'll be, pouncing his revenge on you ;)