Saturday, September 6, 2008

Short of a bob or two

“What on earth is that noise! Don’t say that’s something else we have to replace?”
“Oh no. It’s fine. The clunking is probably just some "loose change" or something.”
“That noise is going to drive me nuts. Lets see if I can fish some of it out.”
“Don’t bother it’ll be fine.”
"Oh “heck!" All my trousers are in here.”
“I know. I couldn’t tell which ones were dirty and which ones were clean from that heap, so I just chucked them all in together to be on the safe side.”
“Didn’t you check the pockets first?”
“Um… I don’t do that any more.”
“How come?”
“Too much busyness I suppose. My laundry skills are slipping due to increased production. Quality control is out the window I'm afraid.”
“But there could be receipts and……business cards…..and…..all sorts of important stuff in there.”
“Quite possibly.”
“Don’t you care?”
“I do….....…but it’s too late now.”
“You know…....…..most wives check their husband’s pockets.”
“Do they? Most? Why?”
“Well……I suppose …….just to check.”
“Check what?”
“What doings?”
“Um……whether their husbands are maybe……up to no good.”
“Are you up to no good?”
“Of course not!”
“When would we have the time!”
“Maybe what?”
“I’d just like to keep my options open.”

Wouldn’t we all.


Hammer said...

There is so much change trapped under the drum in my washer that it jingles like a slot machine that has hit the jackpot.

Osh said...


we have had this exact conversation in our house (without the snappy accents of course)

as if he thinks he will make me do extra work by trying to imply the option of "other activities"...if that would be the case, then she can check the pockets!

Anonymous said...

We've had that conversation at our house also.

Ever since I washed his MP3 player and then a bit later his USB key thingy he has been better about making sure his pockets are empty :grin:

farmwifetwo said...

Maddy.... rule #1... any money you find in those pockets.. is yours.. according to my Mother's rules.

I check them, b/c I've found nails, screws, bolts etc in his pockets from when he's fixed something.


Trixie said...

After so many times of my laundry being covered it bits of tissue from the boys trousers, I've become diligent of checking there pockets. I've had rocks stuck in the drums for months from their 'collection'.

mumkeepingsane said...

I check my hubby's pockets before they go in the wash...but I tell him that I don't! *evil grin* Not because of any secretive hanky panky, but because if he thinks I'm not checking, he'll empty them out all by his big grown up self.

I have to check anyway for the same reason as farmwife.

Heffalump said...

I try to remember to check only because there was an unfortunate incident with a crayon in the pocket of boys' jeans, and it melted and ruined a whole load of laundry once.

Mimi Lenox said...

Thank you for being the first to sign the Mr. Linky for November's BlogBlast For Peace. You have 57 days to "get your act together" as you say. That totally cracked me up.


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