Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Omar can put a sock in it

“Ah domestic bliss. What’s for supper then?”
“I’m not quite sure.”
“The oven won’t heat up properly.”
“Nuke something in the microwave then.”
“Something exploded in the microwave and I haven’t had time to clean up the mess…..oh….and the freezer has frozen shut.”
“Beans on toast! Let’s open a tin!”
“I can’t find the can opener and anyway it doesn’t work and the toaster fused this morning.”
“Toaster oven.”
“I forgot to bring it in from the garden at the end of the summer. Something’s chewed through the cord.”
“Hmm what other options do we have then?”
“I made some bread. Bread and cheese?”
“And wine and thou……”
“Not a popular choice with the children I suspect.”
“Still….at least that’s solved the Christmas present dilemma?”
“It does? How so?”
“Which new domestic appliance would you like?”
“Let’s put it this way………if it has a plug I don’t want it, o.k.?


Almost American said...

Be careful what you wish for - I got one of these one year. It's cordless.

Actually, I'll 'fess up to having asked for it! It worked really well, but it needs a new battery right now as it won't hold a charge anymore. Maybe that's what I'll ask for for Christmas this year! I might even be able to convince the children to use it once it works again - it'll give DD an excuse for the long showers she likes to take!

Pecos Blue said...

Be careful what you wish for.

Marita said...

My husband has decided that for Christmas we are getting each other a shared gift. So I am getting him half a Wii and he is getting me the other half of the Wii. I'm not to sure I want a Wii for Christmas but the money has already been handed over.

Still I think he'd have trouble gift wrapping what I really want - peace, quiet and a nice long nap. :grin:

Kelley said...

bwaaaaaa haaaaa haaaaaaaa!

Sounds like here.

I found my can opener in Boo's school bag. Apparently it is his now.

Cereal is always a good option. That is if you haven't run out of milk... and have the empty carton still in the fridge...

Whitenoise said...

Too funny, Maddy. ;-)

Somedays ya gotta laugh or you'll cry.