Monday, October 6, 2008

Ruby Tuesday and Cats on Tuesday

To quote from "Mary the Teach":-

"Hi, everyone, today we're going to try to post Just A LITTLE RED in our Ruby Tuesday post. Of course you don't have to post just a little red you can post the red you have or all the RED you want!"

The tiniest tomato in the world!

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Occasionally I am honoured with pure, direct and unprompted eye contact!

Cheers dears


Marita said...

That is indeed the tiniest tomato ever. I've just planted a tomato plant today, first one in a couple of years. Crossing fingers I don't kill it.

Robin said...

What a cute little thing :-).

Almost American said...

Very cute little tomato!

Direct eye contact indeed! Nice photo!
Reminds me of my supervisor who told me last year to make the kid I was working with look at me . . . I was happy he'd stopped perseverating on trains and boats long enough to actually do the work I was asking him to do. He honors me with a direct look from time to time now.

Linda said...

That tiny little tomato sure is cute but I think the picture below it is even cuter! That's quite the look you got there!