Tuesday, October 7, 2008


“What on earth are you doing?”
“Nothing……I mean I’ll work it out myself thanks dear.”
“I hate it when I see you scribbling away. Why don’t you use a calculator?”
“Hmm because I need to increase my brain function by doing little sums. Don’t hover, you’re putting me off.”
“O.k. tell me what you’re doing and I’ll leave you in peace.”
“I’m trying to work what Greenwich Mean Time is here?”
“What do you mean, ‘here’?”
“In San Jose. What is GMT here?”
“It’s the same here as it everywhere else, that’s why it’s called Greenwich Mean Time.”
“I know that, but I need to work out what time "A Book At Bedtime" in broadcast on the BBC.”
“They give the broadcast times in GMT?”
“Well all you have to do is make allowance for Daylight Savings and….”
“Oh do buzz off and leave me alone.”
“It’s quite simple….”
“I know! I know! There is something else that you can help me with……of a technical nature.”
“I need to work out how to turn up the volume on the lap top so that I can hear it.”
“Why don’t you just download the podcast?”
“Because of some nonsense about copyright.”
“So much for free speech!”
“Certainly not free, old stick in the muds.”
“Probably get it from the library.”
“I want to be more current and with it and up to date. So I need to listen to A Book at Bedtime when I’m upstairs and the computer is downstairs.”
“But you won’t be in bed when you listen to A Book At Bedtime because it will be some other time…….not likely to be bed time.”
“I know but I can’t stand next to the computer and listen to something for 15 minutes. I need something gargantuan in the volume department that will broadcast all over the house.”
“I need it to be much louder, like a megaphone.”
“With a little knob or a twister so that I can go about my business, or a very long piece of string…..er…….cable or what not.”
“You just need a couple of speakers.”
“Really? Is that all?”
“Simple! So much easier than a Gargantuan Megaphone Twister.”


Anne said...

for you: plus 7 hours
after daylight is over then 8.

I go here.

Marita said...

My husband has this need to attach speakers to every piece of electronic equipment in our house. I'm sure if he could figure out how there would be speakers attached to our kettle and toaster as well. Forever tripping over speaker cords and the speakers themselves.

Good luck with listening to your program on time :)

Jayne said...

I need larger speakers for my PC...if yours are ever missing you know where they ended up ;)

Whitenoise said...

Actually, I think Anne meant +7 now and +8 when you revert to PST.

And speakers... what about headphones?

buffalodick said...

Sounds like more work than it's worth! :)

isabella mori said...

awww, you made my morning. and funny: i can identify with BOTH of you! does that make me an emotional multitasker or a multiple personality?