Sunday, October 12, 2008

Silk purses and sows ears

I see "THE" perfect bag/purse to fit my current life style, although they probably had to slaughter the odd herd of cows for their hides. I convince myself that this is merely a bi-product of the meat eating masses, which would otherwise go to waste. I ignore consumption of Hawaiian Pork, with or without Pineapple, especially since pigs are renowned for their superior intelligence.

Describing it as an accessory seems a mistake to me. It makes it sound superfluous, whereas in reality it could be a sanity protector, like a little safety sack for those of us warding of senility with a limp stick of celery.

The idea of a garment to hold the door key, credit card and driver's license permanently about my person seems so much more attractive than duct taping them to my bare skin and probably less embarrassing should I ever be called upon to 'prove my identity' to the authorities.

Then I notice the price.

$150 bucks for that teeny tiny little thing. There again, the Holidays are just a hop, skip and a jump around the corner. The postage probably wouldn't be very much for such a teeny tiny thing.

Rats to that!

I'll knit one myself, out of string if needs be.

Maybe mohair would be better next to the skin? I bet "Anne" knows the cost of "Mo's?"

Excuse me whilst I go an research the current cost of Mo's?

Hope I don't have to eat it first before I skin it?


Osh said...

My mom gets the Sundance clothing catalogue too, I can't afford anything in there either.

Crushed said...

One thing I always think about Hawain Pork...

The Hawain word for Pork is the same as the word for human flesh...

Linda said...

I can't even afford anything out of the Swiss Colony Catalog - never mind the Sundance catalog!

lu said...

I love to look at sundance catalogue--sometimes the outlet has decent deals--I drag my feet too long to take advantage.

Jayne said...

Ooooooooo a stalk of limp celery is to ward off senility?
So that's what the 5th incarnation of Doctor Who was doing with a stalk of the stuff in his lapel!