Thursday, November 20, 2008

Circuit Breaker

I submit to yet another round of dental experts for my dental woes. From dentist, to oral surgeon, to home. I blunder into the house to grab my next fix of Ibrupofen.
“Ah! Didn’t go so well then? How can you swallow those things without water?”
“So what’s the conclusion? Actually, don’t tell me until I’ve sat down.” He nips into the sitting room to flop on the sofa. I stand over him with an expression. “Ooo does it hurt that bad?” He sits back upright again to hide his head in his hands, “o.k. I’m ready.”
“Well the oral surgeon was cock a hoop.”
“Implants are a super success, nothing to worry about there.”
“Great! So what’s up really?”
“I’m not sure. I’ll have to go back to the dentist. He had all kinds of theories but I can only remember the most interesting one.”
“Which was?”
“Something about nerves and spasms and splints. I wasn’t really listening.”
“Must have been a bit of a shock?”
“Yes. So although it’s ongoing agony, it’s also short term easily fixed agony.”
“Well that’s good to know.”
“So are they going to put a splint on your teeth?”
“Er…..I’m not sure. He thought I might have had a muscle spasm during surgery, so my bite’s off. Something to do with pre-programming the muscles……maybe it was re-programming the muscles? I didn’t know that you could teach muscles to do anything anyway.”
“Yes……odd isn’t it………”
“You’re going to be re-programmed……..........…do you think they take requests?”


Linda said...

Oh my .... that's quite the mouthful about your mouth full. And did you keep from hitting him??

Jayne said...

Gawd, that's awful!
Use the Aussie nickname of Fang Carpenter next time, he might rush you through ;)

Whitenoise said...

Yikes. Maybe you should re-program your speedial for another dentist?