Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Industrial espionage

“I think it’s knackered. It lacks suction.”
“Maybe you should clean it out?”
“I did that yesterday. I’m sick of this thing. It’s completely useless.” I rip the dust buster apart and tip the contents into the bin amid clouds of white dust.
“Blimey!” he sputters in-between coughs, “what is that stuff? Asbestos?”
“A combination. Why don’t they make these things more robust? They’re so wimpy. Domestic appliance indeed. Someone’s domesticity must be very tame.”
“Combination of what?”
“Talculm powder from this morning, moulding sand from lunch time, styrofoam this afternoon, and icing sugar this evening.”
“Geez you could market that.”
“As what exactly? I’ve got a it in mind to write to Mr.Buster and tell him exactly what I think of his feeble little appliance.”
“Well…..don’t slip a sample in the envelope or we could be in big trouble.”


Anne said...

I'm laughing so hard I can hardly type.

Wonder what the lab would conclude....

Whitenoise said...

And yet, you women keep buying them... Well, my woman, anyway...

buffalodick said...

My wife should field test this stuff... For a woman who doesn't vaccuum much, she can kill one in a heartbeat... Thank God our neice is in management at Bissell....we get a discount!

Linda said...

Well, perhaps if you weren't vacuuming up stuff like that it might work a bit better!

motherbumper said...

Dust busters do not suck which means they suck. The only one on the market that works is the Dyson handheld (trust me, I've tried them all) but of course the Dyson costs a mint (a worthy mint, but a mint nonetheless). Anyhow, I'd laugh so hard if you actually sent the suspicious powder, but then I'd also have to help with your bail I suppose, you know, as payback for the entertainment.