Tuesday, December 30, 2008

It’s a gift

Late at night, I am all set to bimble up the hills to Bedfordshire when the telephone rings. Obviously someone has died or some other dire emergency has befallen my loved ones.

“Can I speak to her,” asks my daughter’s pal.
“I’m sorry she’s already in bed……..........some hours ago.”
“Can you give her the phone?”
“I could……...... but she’s asleep. May I give her a message……tomorrow?”
“Can she come to my party?”
“Ooo how lovely. I’m sure she’d love to come. When is it?”
“Oh…….what time?”
“4…….it’s a sleepover.”
“Ah……well ……..I think that should be fine,” I reply peering at the calendar.
“Tell her to bring me a present.”
“Well…….yes……indeed…….a birthday present…it is your birthday party afterall……it shall be my first priority tomorrow morning.”

I’m not sure if she heard my reply as the line is dead. I can think of few worse scenarios than taking three children to shop for a gift, unscheduled, unplanned and with no prior notice or warning. Fortunately, these modern times provide other alternative solutions. I am quite certain that the inventors of gift cards had me in mind.


My Three Sons said...

Sounds like a day in my house. One day my son forgot to give me a sheet from his music class saying there was a music program. He told me the morning of as he was getting on a bus and then said "oh and by the way, I don't have any dress pants that fit me. I tried some on last night and they are to short". So yes, I know about those last minute things.

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Hope you have a wonderful 2009 as well.


Holly Nappi Collins said...

And me too! Love the gift card. And I feel your pain. Perhaps if you buy three gift cards, then you could send three kids to the sleep over??? ;)

Happy 2009

Lisa Romeo said...

I buy gift cards a half-dozen at a time and store them away for just such times. Though I must guiltily admit, I have been known to nip into the gift card supply from time to time and go shopping with it myself when I need a lift -- possible only if you buy them only to stores like Target and Barnes & Noble, as I do. Wouldn't work with Toys R Us.

Akelamalu said...

Nothing like last minute arrangements is there? LOL

Shrinky said...

Oh boy, does that scenario sound ever so familiar! I now confiscate my eldest daughters laptop and phone as I tuck her in to bed of a night. Not that there is much point, she almost always has someone or other on a sleepover with a fully charged phone sequestered about them..

Two of my four are celebrating the New Year outside of our home tonight. I took it really hard last year, as that was the first time I didn't have all my brood under the same roof to hear the bells chime in the new year. I am better this time around - it is as it should be, they are growing up and spreading their wings. Hope you have a great New Year!

excavator said...

Yeah, these are the scenarios that make my palms sweat, my heart sink, and my knees weak. Especially when I realize I'd been to a store earlier that very day (a trip that I'd had to carefully orchestrate for just the right 'conditions') where I could have picked something up! This is where I'd be seriously casting about the house looking for something to regift. (Don't tell anyone.)

I was thankful when our Safeway started selling gift cards.

Ah, the self-centeredness of youth. She has no idea what she's just asked, no demanded, of you.