Saturday, July 4, 2009

Wool Gathering

I sit down for the first time at one in the morning on the small patch of dry carpet with my knitting and a glass of white wine when my bleary eyed husband walks in. He shouts over the din of the washer and drier playing catch up.
“Blimey. Am I married to a secret drinker?”
“Well that's certainly a plan.”
"Why are you wearing that old sun-dress?"
"It was the only thing I could find in the dark after my shower."
“Why are you sitting on the floor?”
“Because the rest of the carpet is still wet even though I’ve steamed cleaned it twice.”
“Ah. Do you want me to help you move the furniture back? It looks a bit odd piled in the corner.”
“Tomorrow when or if the carpet ever dries.”
“What’s that terrible stink?”
“Bleach in the bathroom, swiffer liquid throughout the kitchen and hall floors of his flight path and essence of vomit here and generally around the bazaars.”
“Ah. Why didn’t I hear any of this?”
“Probably because you passed out after you changed the last bed again upstairs.”
"Well they're fast asleep now. I'm sure they'll be fine by tomorrow, batteries fully re-charged again."
"Now there's a fact guaranteed to aid sleep."
"Happy 4th?”


Whitenoise said...

Poor you. Been there, done that, not fun.

Robin said...

Add "scrubbed the walls" and you'll have my week.

God I hate stomach bugs. Hands down the worst part of parenting.

Here's to good health - and good AIM - for all of our kiddos.

buffalodick said...

This appears to be the last place to come for cheering up... Have a good 4th! Blow up your husband...

Marita said...

Hope it is a 24 hour bug and everyone is one their way to being healthy again.